Educational Programs

South Florida Montessori Academy offers educational programs for children ages 18 months through 12 years old. Our school offers toddler, primary, and elementary programs with Spanish language immersion, in which English and Spanish are spoken daily. Our multiage classrooms encourage cooperative learning and allow for broad emotional and social development. Each classroom provides a nurturing atmosphere where younger children learn from older children. Older children master their skills by helping those younger than themselves. The Montessori principles of independence, freedom within limits, self-discipline, concentration, exploration, and academic growth are present in all of our programs. From the moment you walk into a Montessori classroom, the difference in our educational approach is evident. We carefully tailor our programs to the developmental stages of each child’s life. When visiting us for a tour, you will observe engaged children enjoying their experiences in different groupings: toddler, primary, and elementary. 



Toddler Program (18 months-3 years)

Primary program (3-6 years)

Elementary program (6-12 years)

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