We continue enrolling students for 2020-2021 academic year!


South Florida Montessori Academy is a private Montessori school educating children between the ages of 18 months and 12 years old. We are recognized by the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI), accredited by the Florida Department of Education, and fully licensed by the Broward County Childcare Licensing and Enforcement agency.


We invite you to discover South Florida Montessori Academy, a renowned and internationally recognized Montessori school, with highly trained faculty, carefully prepared learning environments, robust enrichment offerings, and a vibrant parent community. Our learning environment with its beautiful wooden Montessori materials is designed to ensure that children have the opportunity to become independent, self-actualized adolescents ready to take on the world. We help children become lifelong learners as well as confident, socially responsible adults by developing their intellect, character, and spirit. Our integrated and rigorous Montessori curriculum includes Spanish immersion, music, art, chess, and sports.


A South Florida Montessori Academy education is by all accounts a tremendous experience, and our students emerge as high academic achievers yet still intellectually curious in their high schools, colleges, and beyond. Even for our youngest students, South Florida Montessori Academy’s integrated curriculum emphasizes geography, world cultures, history, humanities, Spanish, and the arts, in addition to the core subjects of science, mathematics, reading, and writing.



Health and Safety


American Academy of Pediatrics released their school recommendation for in-person learning and we are pleased to report that our Operating Plan meets or exceeds their guidelines. With total enrollment of less than 60 students, our micro-school is ready to open for in-person learning in August 2020.


Unlike most schools, South Florida Montessori Academy School is optimally positioned to comply with CDC and FDOH guidelines:

  1. Every classroom has space and numbers of children that allow for social distancing and moving through the spaces without having to pass closely, for instance, furniture is all moveable and have large spaces between them.
  2. All students and staff have their temperatures taken upon arrival. Although students are not required to wear masks, they may choose to do so.
  1. Every classroom has its own bathroom for the children in that group only.
  1. Every classroom has 2 sinks in it for that group of children to wash their hands frequently.
  1. Every child has a personal storage space for their belongings such as school supplies. Children can use their own pencils and belongings, and keep them in their own storage spaces.
  1. Learning materials are used individually, cleaned, disinfected, and ready for the next student.
  1. Children have daily access to outdoor area and we utilize our outdoor spaces often as appropriate.
  1. Our classrooms have ample air flow with many windows, wide, open spaces, and high ceilings.
  1. Our playgrounds have wide open spaces to run and play without a playground structure or enclosed tight spaces.
  1. Same groups of children stay with the same adults throughout the day. Children do not have to move from one room to another for each class subject and there aren’t different teachers for every subject, so exposure between numbers of people is already very limited. Every classroom environment is like a “bubble” and has everything they need within their own bubble.
  1. South Florida Montessori Academy teachers are specially trained to bring music, reading, art, geography, and math into the classroom every day. 
  1. We have designated an enclosed room in our building where a sick child can be safely quarantined while waiting to be picked up if necessary.
  1. We have an ample supply of equipment, cleaning products and disinfecting solutions. Classroom materials will be disinfected throughout the day using EPA-approved products. Additionally, all classrooms and materials will be disinfected using an electrostatic disinfectant sprayer with a hospital-grade, anti-viral disinfectant cleaner every day after student dismissal.
  1. South Florida Montessori Academy School has developed strategies for multiple phases, which are all developmentally appropriate for children in our care.
  1. We published and released our 2020-21 Operating Plan in June, which meets or exceeds all Florida State Board of Education, American Association of Pediatrics, and Florida Department of Health recommendations. Please contact info@sflma.com for your copy and to discuss the specifics for your family.

Take a virtual tour of our new location in Tamarac:

Our Mission

The mission of South Florida Montessori Academy is to closely follow Dr. Montessori’s original philosophy and method under AMI (Association Montessori Internationale) standards in order to educate young people to their fullest potential by developing their intellect, character, and spirit. SFMA's intent is to help children become lifelong learners who grow up to be capable, confident adults with a deep sense of personal independence and social responsibility.

Our difference

What separates us from the other choices you face for your child’s education? South Florida Montessori Academy is one of only six Montessori schools in Florida that is recognized by the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI). This ensures we strictly adhere to Dr. Montessori's original pedagogical methods, which were designed and tested over a century ago. Our whole child approach to education sets the standard for an integrated, comprehensive curriculum that promotes lifelong learning. Each of our teachers is highly educated and has completed a rigorous AMI Montessori training program. For more information on AMI's educational standards, please visit: www.amiusa.org.

Our Values

Based on Montessori philosophy, our core values guide our community, programs, initiatives, and distinctive culture. At South Florida Montessori Academy, we believe in:

- Rigorous Academics
- Interdisciplinary Curriculum
- Mutual Respect
- Diversity & Inclusion
- Igniting Each Child’s Curiosity
- Guiding Children’s Desire to Learn
- Peace
- Independence
- Self-Reliance
- Community

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