Adolescent Program (ages 12-15 years)

Our adolescent program is designed for children ages 12-15 years old. Adolescence is the period of transition between childhood and adulthood. It is a time of great physical and emotional change. During this time, adolescents are looking ahead to adulthood and are working to find their place in society.


Social independence, introspection, risk and responsibility, as well as justice are all hallmarks of this plane of development. Through the development of critical thinking skills and logic, our program provides adolescents with the tools to independently navigate their future.


A Montessori adolescent program is the culmination of the child’s experience as a Montessori student. After completing Elementary, the student enters the third plane of development, otherwise known as adolescence. Montessori curriculum for the adolescent years helps them to transition from being members of their Montessori community to being contributing members of society.


A positive sense of belonging is nurtured through weekly council meetings, responsibilities that adequately match the capabilities of the adolescent, and work that has a clear purpose. You can find students working together with their adult guides in order to meet the needs of their classroom community. The curriculum gives them opportunities to belong in their community through volunteer work. Each student is expected to contribute their best efforts to all of the work that they do.


Learning about the exchange of goods and services in our society is a fundamental step toward adulthood. The adolescent curriculum includes managing small businesses with the purpose of experiencing economic activity in their community — the “microeconomy.” Students run their own start-ups, marketing products such as baked goods, homemade preserves, stationery, clothing, woodwork, honey, etc. Supporting lessons are given: scientific (how do bees make honey?), historical (how long have humans been keeping bees?), economic (what factors does one need to consider when pricing a jar of honey?), practical (how to use a hammer so as to effectively build a beehive), organizational (division of labor; step-by-step planning) and social (negotiation; how to effectively resolve conflicts with co-workers or customers). Student work includes bookkeeping, budgeting and purchasing, design, advertising, surveys, research, the writing of proposals, interviews of experts, and documentation.


Montessori prepares students to be collaborative citizens of society. Everyone has a role, and every role has dignity and importance. The lessons are created to have practical purposes in the “real world” show teens that they will play an important role in society when they reach adulthood. 


Our adolescent community attends five days a week, Monday through Friday from 8:00am until 3:15pm. Extended care is available until 5:00pm.




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