Montessori Philosophy

South Florida Montessori Academy strictly adheres to the philosophy and theory created by Dr. Maria Montessori. Dr. Montessori was an Italian physician whose career was dedicated to the study of children. She discovered that the characteristics at each stage of human development are unique and that the foundation of the whole personality is laid during the early years of life.


Montessori educational philosophy is based on the scientific observations and experimentations with children from all backgrounds. Montessori education capitalizes on children’s developmental stages to help them learn in a natural and self-directed manner. Teachers work with students one-on-one and in small groups, providing individualized instruction tailored to each child’s learning style.  


Montessori education is designed to help children with their task of inner construction as they grow from childhood to maturity. It succeeds because it draws its principles from the natural development of the child. The inherent flexibility allows this method to adapt to the needs of the individual, regardless of the level of ability, learning style, or social maturity.


The Montessori approach puts children at the center of the learning process. In a traditional, lecture-and-textbook setting, the teacher is the focus of the class and is responsible for child’s actions. With Montessori education, the focus is on helping children develop self-discipline, motivation and skills to learn for themselves.


Using Montessori philosophy and AMI standards, South Florida Montessori Academy provides a safe and stimulating environment which, through discovery and exploration, allows children to develop lifetime social, physical, emotional, and spiritual attitudes that lay a solid foundation for a socially responsible adulthood. The end result of such an education is an independent, self-confident child with a love of learning.


The AMI was established in 1929 by Dr. Maria Montessori. Today it is a global community whose mission is to protect the integrity of her work. AMI, with headquarters in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, is the oldest recognized authority on Montessori education worldwide.

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