Elementary Program


The Montessori elementary program covers grades first through sixth. Elementary students explore their world through stories and the power of imagination. Students continue mastering work in core subjects, such as English and math, while branching out to the arts, sciences, geography, history, and foreign language. These are learned as integrated rather than separate disciplines. It is at the elementary level that the children become fascinated with the “how” and “why” of everything. Assisted by their imagination and reason, elementary children at South Florida Montessori Academy become explorers, not just of the world, but also of the entire universe. 

Students are introduced to zoology, geography, geology, and other natural sciences, learning not just the concepts but the formal scientific language. Children work in small groups, which helps to reinforce their academic learning as well as teaches them the life skills of collaboration and communication. Materials in the classroom include timelines, pictures, charts, and other visual aids to provide a linguistic and visual overview of the first principles of each subject area. 

Children are given lessons on subjects but the emphasis is then put on performing open-ended research and in-depth study using primary and secondary sources as well as other materials. This leads to meaningful understanding because students are allowed to discover the subject for themselves, rather than receive it in summarized form from textbooks. Students also go on frequent trips to make use of local community resources in their studies, such as the library and museum. 

The elementary community attends five days a week, Monday through Friday from 8am until 3pm. Extended care is available until 5:00pm.



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