Educational Programs


South Florida Montessori Academy offers educational programs for children ages 3 to 12 years old. Currently, our school offers Primary and Elementary programs with Spanish language immersion. Our multi-age classrooms encourage cooperative learning and allow for broad emotional and social development. Each classroom creates a nurturing atmosphere where younger children learn from older children. Older children master their knowledge by helping those younger than themselves. All of our programs support the shared Montessori principles of independence, freedom within limits, self-discipline, concentration, exploration and academic growth.


From the moment you walk into a Montessori classroom, the difference in our educational approach is evident. In our Primary classroom, you may be surprised by the smell of baking bread, the sight of children working with and manipulating objects, cards, beads, puzzle maps and letters, the sound of cheerful voices in conversation, and the sense calm and purpose within the classroom. As you tour our Elementary classroom, you will notice the ease and confidence of our students, their inquisitive questions, ability to draw connections and to think critically. You will also notice their engagement with adults and each other, their ability to manage time, work productively and regulate behavior – not just because a teacher is around – but because they have been given the freedom and respect to manage their own behavior from a very young age.



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