About Us

South Florida Montessori Academy is not a typical daycare or preschool. We are an AMI/USA Recognized School that closely follows Dr. Montessori’s original philosophies and methods under AMI (Association Montessori International) standards. Our teachers are highly educated and have completed a rigorous AMI training program.


We offer Primary and Elementary programs that help children to become lifelong learners and problem-solvers. We prepare children to become capable, confident and responsible adults by developing their intellect, character, and spirit.


Our curriculum includes music lessons, Spanish immersion, and organized sports activities with a trained fitness coach. Our music instructor uses rhythmic activities, piano keyboards, string instruments, music alphabets, etc. to help children enhance their social skills, coordination, listening, and motor skills. Specially trained fitness coach uses non-competitive sports to teach life skills and instill self-confidence in children. Organized weekly sports activities improve basic movement skills and refine sport skills and techniques.

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