Toddler Program

The toddler program at South Florida Montessori Academy is comprised of children between the approximate ages of 18 months and 3 years. Children in the toddler community explore and experiment in an environment carefully prepared to meet each child’s individual needs. This nurturing environment has toddler-sized furniture and beautiful, clean, safe, and inviting materials. Toddlers are gently guided and supported in a manner that enhances their innate sense of independence, order, and love of learning.

Our toddler students work to progress in their acquisition of physical independence. Classroom learning focuses on helping them care for themselves – dressing, self-feeding, and using the bathroom. School materials focus on language and social development as well as development of gross and fine motor skills. As their time in Toddlers comes to an end, we hear the children say “I can do it by myself!” when they move from one activity to the next. They become more aware of their environment and their friends.

Daily Schedule:
• 8:45am   Classes start
• 8:45am-10:45am   Montessori work cycle and music (snack available)
• 10:45am-11:30am   Outdoor playtime
• 11:30pm-12:00pm   Circle time
• 12:00pm   Half-day dismissal
• 12:00pm-12:45pm   Lunch and clean-up
• 12:45pm-2:00pm   Nap
• 2:00pm-2:15pm   Preparation for dismissal
• 2:15pm   Full-day dismissal

The toddler community meets five days a week, Monday through Friday. Children may attend half-day or full-day. Extended care is available from 8:00am until 5:00pm.